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Vanderhoof Area, British Columbia, Canada    —   Born in 1996 under the name Juan Aebi’s WannaBee  Honey,  in  Fort Fraser . We had just arrived from some years with ‘Youth With a Mission’ and found procuring honey bees a challenge. After all, we just “Wanted to Bee ! “  And where we bee, is an hour west of Prince George, in a valley dominated by the Necha-koh, translated from our local Carrier native dialect as ‘lake-like river.

  I, Jon Aebischer, with the loving support of my wife Susan, then put together three ingredients:

1. Two pound packages of bees from Vancouver Island
2. My late Father’s 40 empty sets of Beehive Equipment from his business ‘Willowvale  Apiaries’
3. Three months of field experience in Hawaii with world renowned bee breeders, the Kona Queen Company.

    We have invested a great deal of time, money and   hard work to grow between 200 and 300   colonies.  Problem hives  and  equipment have  been destroyed  along with  educational investments  to  deal with  parasitical mites and  disease.